Supercross Anaheim Round 1 – 2024 Recap: Jett Lawrence Prevails

Supercross Anaheim Round 1 - 2024 Recap: Jett Lawrence Prevails

The 2024 Monster Energy Supercross season kicked off with an electrifying start at Anaheim’s Angel Stadium, marking its 33rd season opener. The event, continuing its streak of sell-outs for the fourth consecutive year, saw an enthusiastic crowd of 45,050 fans. The excitement was palpable as the riders geared up for a season that also commemorates the 50th anniversary of AMA Supercross.

Jett Lawrence’s Historic Victory

In an unprecedented feat, Team Honda HRC’s Jett Lawrence clinched a remarkable victory in his first 450SX Class Main Event. This achievement set a new benchmark in the series, with Lawrence being the first rider to secure a win in his initial 450SX race. His victory is a testament to his skill and dedication, making a significant mark in the sport’s history.

Chase for the Podium

Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Jason Anderson claimed a well-deserved second place in this high-stakes race, showcasing his exceptional talent and determination. Right behind him, Red Bull KTM’s Chase Sexton secured the third podium position, proving his mettle in this highly competitive field. These outstanding performances underscore the intense level of competition that defines the AMA Supercross.

Lawrence’s Reflection on His Historic Win

Reflecting on his historic victory, Lawrence shared his disbelief and gratitude, acknowledging the rarity of his achievement in the sport’s long history. He expressed his appreciation for the unwavering support from Honda and Red Bull, emphasizing his joy in contributing to their legacy in such a monumental way.

Anderson’s Perspective on the Race

Anderson, discussing his battle for second place, highlighted the intensity of the competition, especially in his face-off with Cooper Webb. He detailed the tactical decisions and challenges faced during the race, underlining the relentless pace and the difficulty in gaining an advantage over his rivals.

Sexton’s Thoughts on Consistency and Improvement

Sexton, commenting on his performance, emphasized his ambition to win and the importance of maintaining consistency throughout the season. He acknowledged the need for speed enhancement while appreciating his improved stability compared to the previous year.

250SX Class Showdown

In the Western Regional 250SX Class, Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing’s RJ Hampshire took the lead with a commanding first-place finish. Monster Energy Yamaha Star Racing’s Jordon Smith fought hard to secure second place, followed by Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Levi Kitchen, who finished third, making a strong statement for his team in 2024.

Hampshire’s Strategy for the Season

Hampshire, reflecting on his win, emphasized the importance of staying grounded and focused. He stressed the need to approach each race with the same level-headedness, aiming to stay competitive while enjoying the journey, especially his victory at Anaheim.

Smith’s Approach to the Anaheim Track

Smith shared his insights on the challenging Anaheim track, noting its difficulty in establishing a rhythm. He highlighted his focus on consistent lap times and navigating the tricky whoops sections, which proved to be a significant factor in the night’s race.

Kitchen’s Outlook for Future Races

Kitchen, addressing his performance, acknowledged his potential for growth in upcoming races. He highlighted the positive aspects of his race, including his ability to recover and maintain composure under pressure, setting a strong foundation for the rest of the season.


The 2024 Supercross season opener in Anaheim set a high bar for the upcoming rounds, with incredible performances across both the 450SX and 250SX classes. As the season progresses, the excitement and competition are only expected to intensify, with riders like Lawrence, Anderson, Sexton, Hampshire, Smith, and Kitchen at the forefront of this thrilling motorsport spectacle.

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