iRacing’s New Horizon: Acquiring NASCAR Gaming Rights and a Fresh Start in 2025

iRacing's New Horizon: Acquiring NASCAR Gaming Rights and a Fresh Start in 2025

In a strategic shift that’s set to rev up the hearts of racing enthusiasts, iRacing has confirmed the acquisition of the official NASCAR gaming licence from Motorsport Games, with an eye on releasing a new console game slated for 2025​​.

This move is not just a change of hands, but a signal of iRacing’s commitment to elevating the NASCAR gaming experience to unprecedented levels. The transition represents a new era, as iRacing, the series’ official technical and simulation partner, brings a legacy of simulation expertise to the console domain​.

The anticipation for the 2025 title is already mounting. iRacing’s President, Tony Gardner, described the acquisition as “an opportunity we couldn’t pass up,” confident in the existing resources and technology assets that position iRacing to build a formidable NASCAR game franchise across various platforms​.

The deal also ensures continuity for fans of current NASCAR titles, with Motorsport Games supporting its existing lineup through 2024. As Motorsport Games turns its focus to other projects, such as the official FIA WEC game, Le Mans Ultimate, iRacing takes the wheel to drive the NASCAR gaming legacy forward​.

The 2025 horizon looks promising for NASCAR gaming fans, with iRacing’s expertise heralding a new chapter of immersive and authentic racing experiences. As the community gears up for this exciting development, iRacing is poised to redefine virtual motorsport entertainment with its upcoming console game.

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